Listen To Messages by Dr Olukoya

01. Crushing the Cords of Wickedness Wed0907-2008

02. Kill your Goliath by Fire PR2507-2008

03. The University of Champions part 1 Wed2307-2008

04. The University of Champions part 2 Wed3007-2008

05. The University of Champions part 3 Wed0608-2008

06. The University of Champions part 4 Wed1308-2008

07. Contending with Haman Powers Wed0309-2008

08. Contending with the Eaters of Soul Wed0110-2008

09. The Problem of Mixed Multitude Wed081008

10. The Tragedy of Bible Illiterates Wed151008

11. Kill Your Giants (Night of Solution) Wed2210-2008

12. Crushing Strange Witchcraft Operations PR2410-2008

13. Deliverance from Polygamous Foundation Wed2910-2008

14. Deliverance for indigenes of Riverine areas Wed0511-2008

15. The Great Wrestling Match Wed1911-2008

16. The Divine Yellow-card Wed2611-2008

17. The Magnetic Enemy PR281108

18. The Mystery of Dark Market Wed0312-2008

19. The Mystery of Obscurity Wed1712-2008

21. The Weapon of Holy Madness PR261208

22. The Jealousy of God&2009 Prophetic Insights Ws311208

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5 Responses to Listen To Messages by Dr Olukoya

  1. margaret massay says:

    Thank you for posting Dr Stella,cannot thank you enough,God bless every aspect of your life.

  2. margaret massay says:

    Thanks for posting these sermons.God bless you.

  3. margaret massay says:

    Prayer request for a miracle of complete healing and deliverance from stage four cancer of my sister in law wendy massey.

  4. dolapo akinseli says:

    i so blessed by all this messages, i got them all at a time when i really need them,may God continually blessed you and may His grace also continually be upon you Dr. Stella

  5. christine says:

    Thank you Dr Stella. Godbless you and Ministry, it’s christine from London. Am still on fire for Jesus, thank you for all your messages on youtube and now all this messages from papa Olukoya, wow, Godbless you all and wishing yall a HAPPY NEW YEAR, MORE ANOINTING , OH GOD ARISE AND GIVE ALL OF US A MOUTH AND WISDOM IN JESUS NAME.
    Thanks and Godbless.


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