Order Command The Morning by Dr Olukoya.


4 thoughts on “Order Command The Morning by Dr Olukoya.”

  1. Dr Daniel,what a blessin you are to this generations.The principle u taught and stil teachin is great.i mean tanacity in the place of prayer.thanks for makin me rekindle this fire that is meltin the issues in my family and my late father’s house

  2. please help me with the books biblical principles of dream interpretation and command the morning by Dr DK Olukoya.i can buy the online or through courrier FEDEX or DHL.i have tried to buy it through that link but it doesnt open.

  3. Greetings in jesus name, i a m great need of this book command the morning,but every time i a m trying, i can not get it through, is there any way so that i can get the book, please i need your assistance.

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