Personal revival prayer program

Seven days personal revival prayer program

If revival is going to visit a nation it starts with the people.
Spend quality time in praise and worship.
Bring quality repentance for you sins, even the unknown ones.
Spend at least one minute on each prayer point.
Pray in the spirit for at least 10 minutes after you finish.
This should take you about an hour.
Pray this daily for seven days with some fasting and see the fire ignite in you.
Share your testimony of what God is doing in you as you press in.
May His refreshing presence and power visit us in Jesus name.
Psalm 85, Psalm 74
1. We have to be the love sick bride of Christ.
2. Lord Jesus cause my heart to pursue after you
3. Draw me by your right hand of righteousness in the name of Jesus.
4. Father remove me from all distractions in the name of Jesus
5. Father give me a hunger and desperation in our hearts.
6. Open the book of remembrance for us.
7. Teach us to come in humility, poverty of spirit and brokenness.
8. Draw us as a people as a nation into your presence
9. Your kingdom come oh Lord and let your will be done in my life.
10. Our hearts are cold, Lord Jesus touch and melt our hearts
11. Father awake our slumbering spirits from the comforts and enchantments that have held us down in the name of Jesus.
12. Save and deliver us from our weaknesses and sins in Jesus name.
13. Anoint us with humility and brokenness
14. Raise us from our reasons and excuses.
15. Mold us after our loving image
16. Give us your wisdom and guidance that we might do your will.
17. Place your heart within our hearts. Set me apart oh Lord.
18. Cause your word through me to be more effective than ever
19. Equip my life to accomplish things far beyond my imagination, things I see as impossible for me today
20. My father give me a dream that will change my life.
21. Serpents and scorpions in my blood die in Jesus name
22. Anything that inside of me resisting God come out and die in Jesus name
23. Anything quenching the fire of God in my come out now and go one way to the pit in Jesus name
23. Give my children dreams that will change their destinies and set them on fire for you
24. Prov 1:23-28 If God speaks and we did not obey, He will not answer our prayers 25. That we will be revived with God’s principles and values of righteousness, love and justice
26. Power from on high fall upon my life.
27. Father increase my spiritual capacity in the name of Jesus, capacity to pray, to fast, to read the word, to be obedient.
28. Pray for God to work in our hearts.
29. Pray for God to give us His heart for the city
30. Pray for God to give the community His heart

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