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Fire power
From Wikipedia Fire power is a military capability to direct force at an enemy. It is not to be confused with the concept of rate of fire which describes cycling of the firing mechanism in a weapon system. It is also not limited to any particular sort of weapon, such as artillery, but involves the whole range of potential weapons. The concept is taught as one of the key principles of modern warfare wherein the enemy forces are destroyed or have their will to fight negated by sufficient and preferably overwhelming use of force as a result of combat operations.

We started a prayer progamme called sustained fire in the ministry. We will be praying daily from 11pm central time to about 12.30am. Praying fervent, hot prayers continually and on a daily basis will demolish any stronghold, solve any problem and bring down any mountain. Join us saints

Through the ages fire power has come to mean offensive power applied from a distance, as there is an immediate dissonance with the thought of one-on-one close quarters combat. Fire power is thus something which is employed to keep the enemy forces outside such ranges where even having superior numbers he can be defeated in detail or be sapped of his will to continue combat, and thus surrender his forces to the force projecting greater fire power.

The term fire power is also commonly used to describe the collective offensive capabilities of a military force.

The War has already been won but the battle ranges on. We are on the winning side. You will not be a casualty in this battle in Jesus name. You will win.

Psalm 18:36 – 40 Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.
I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed.
I have wounded them that they were not able to rise: they are fallen under my feet.
For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me. Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies; that I might destroy them that hate me.

50 thoughts on “PRAYER LINE”

  1. pray for salvation of my husband gordon and restoration of my marriage , he kicked me out of the house , he has no reason why when asked by relatives, became very hostile with me without reason just said he wants to marry another woman and he is staying with one in the same house we stayed ,at same time changing women every time he gets in clubs or on face book. help me l value my marriage and havent been able to understand what happened.I know God is able and its his will that we all come to him.
    B blessed

  2. My prayer is for everyone in need of witnessing the Mighty Hand of God move on there behalf. Specifically that of Patrice, praying for her wayward husband. While I am impressed and appreciative with the many Prayer Points and Broad topics, the sinfulness of adultry and abuse seems to Mock the very God we go to for change. Is ther a Prayer that can be Prayed to Overtake the enemy in a man and bring his adultry and abuse to nought? How Long Oh Lord , will you turn your eyes from this epidemic residing in the heart of man?

  3. Please keep me in prayer as I battle these legal issues and work to regain my financial prosperity.

  4. You all are doing a great job may God richly bless and keep you all as you continue to labor for Jesus and touch lives and prepare them for Heaven. Please prayer for me the medical doctor said I have a hole in my heart and needs to be operated on, 19th of September 2011, but I am believing Jesus for total healing,I know that Jesus sent His word and heal my disease, and that He is not a man that He should lie, and prayer for total deliverance for Robert and Ann from all demonic assignment assigned to destroy their lives in Jesus name. thank you . Ann.

  5. Please i need prayers urgently.I ve serious financial problems.every month end my bank account is negative meanwhile i ve son to take care of since the father wants nothing to do with the boy.

  6. please intercede for my son brad massay who is 20 years and faces deportation because i never did his citizenship paper work and when he was 17 yrs committed a felony with a group of teens,robbed drug dealer of 19 xanax pills,one of teens had a gun which made it an aggravated the immigration judge will make a ruling in 2 weeks which one week is left.please warfare for favor for my son was living legally in america since age 18 months.thanks

  7. If you are expericing any issues listed no the left as a result of foundation bondage , you need to call and joined in . Your life will not be the same. Still continue to keep me in prayer and in my delieverance .

    B Bless

  8. Pray that the relationship between me and my fiance is restored. We were doing fine, we get along fine. We were at the point where we were about to get married and out of no where he pulled away and he told me that he really love me and he dont know whats holding him back. I think it was a witchcraft attack. Im not sure. I need revelation. Thanks God Bless You

  9. i want god to help me make the right decision i have been married to the same man for 29 years and our whole marriage he has committed aldultery with so many women treating me badly doing drugs mistreating children they are now grown and i left this man for 10 years until my children were grown and he joined my church i listen to the pastor and deacons saying take him back he has changed, but he has not i found out he is worse 10 years later i onlybeen back with him 3 years and it has been a living hell at times i found out he was in affair again and giving away all his money again. does not help his kids who arehonor students in college. i have again talked to married couples of the church they still say dont leave just pray. i have prayed and fasted and tried everything i know to please him . i want out but i want what god wants i dont him to cause me die of stroke or heart attack from worry and anxiety and i dont want some type of disease please pray because if god wants me to stay where i am if not i want him to show where to go and give me the resources to move again i am in my fifiteis and i cant keep moving around like this. please pray god wil help me i have sleepless nites ihave anxiety attacks and panic at night, afraid he is going to hurt me to be with this women i pray god will come there is some type of evil spirit in this home i need help

  10. Pray request:
    not shure what is going on , there lots of African and Indian people seeking my wife on face book I think useing voodoo to destroy us our marriage ? after 3 yrs on being together and our spouse visa is i’n final stages she’s run off wants to go abroad work or be with another ? Got no real idear as it confusion , many seek her for marriage Muslim and Christian many want her to divorce me to have her or just don’t care she’s married? 60%on her site Christian rest all types ,I am thinking god just use me to help her get married and now end ? Invest 3 yrs and over million php i’n supprting , am I being used as poor country are know for scams , does god really care As I’m not a Jew by birth rite . All old testament is about how god destroyed all by famin , war, pestilence. Even Israel ? new testament millions martyred god not intervene , i’n revelation it says 12 tribes of Israel on throne but under is the souls of the Gentiles who were slain or martyred, after 36 yrs I got no idear who god is as it not make faith scence . how is it people prays often are curses , laying on of hands ? Has the whole world forsaken this god we seek ? Unwed clarit on my situation as to his purpose or reason or is marriage honored or approved , or is it just a piece of paper and not sacred or only applies to the Jews

  11. i pray that my partner will be given his leave to remain in the country no matter what the appeal turn out was
    i pray for the power of evil tongue in my life be annuled in jesus name.
    for God to make my union with my partner fruitful,protection of our life and blessed
    i pray for God intervention in my life and that of my enemies saying bad things about me
    i pray that as i go for 3day deliverance i shall encounter a change in my situation
    i annuled the evil of miscarriage,safe delivery shall be mine
    i pray for doors of opportunities nd open heaven in my life

  12. Please join me in prayer for my Christian Home school, we need new enrollments to keep the doors opens. I am a single parent with three young children. I’m in need of a financial breakthrough to provide for my family. I am requesting God’s favor, wisdom, restoration, and resources to help us overcome these obstacles. We marketing breakthrough for my Christian Children book series. Bless my relationship with Mr. S. New opportunities for Christian poetry writing in Jesus Name. Psalm 91.1

  13. prayer for Eric he is breaking free from a relationship with a girl named Karla, he is looking to be set free from her stronghold, and mentally set free so that he can love his self and his children. He has stated that he felt like he was being controlled and used. Prayer that God in Jesus mighty name will move that witchcraft spirit far away and he can be set free from the witch that set him into confusion, unhappiness, sadness, depression and anger in Jesus mighty name.

  14. prayer request :
    protection,miracles in finances ,healing,miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus Name .

  15. Prayer for Eric Robinson, he needs peace in his life, and a closer walk with the Lord, also, deliverance from familiar spirits

  16. I enjoy your prayers and I believe in the prophets prayer. Please pray with me for God to bring my son inside of the ARK. He is living in denial; God has power over evil forces to set him free. Please pray for us.

    May God bless your ministry and help you win and reach more souls before his return.

    Be Blessed in the name of our Almighty Jesus!

    Sister Jeannine

  17. pray for me for total deliverance from sexual sin and total healing from any disease that i can be incontact with thro sex,and also to come toGod to serve

  18. Pray for Fondaya she is 17 in high school scheduled to graduate,works at wendays andis dating manager,getting high ,staying out momsaid she came in high called ploci because boyfriend would not leave property because he is caucasion of course noting was done to him,they told daya she can do what she want and she left please pray for her to be release out of hands of enemy and cancell all unGodly soulties with this Guy and that young lady finish school and go back home toher mom .cover mom who leg keep sweeling and feet and healing in emotions

  19. favor for sonya and family
    they shall prevail with loaner for home
    let bank go out of way to show favor and release all they need with lowest intrest.
    Let all business problems receive divine solutions in Jesus Name
    Loose angels to create favor at loan association.
    Bind weapons in staff that would come against them.

  20. ray for my son antwon,
    Dissolow breakthroughs from being caged.
    let every stubborn prayer resisting demon receive stones of fire and thunder.
    every problem designed to disgrace antwon,and family,(joana) receive open shame in Jesus name.
    every evil thought against antwon,myself and family turn them tobe good for us.
    pray curse of incarceration and anger and every witchcraft alter calling antwon name burn by fire of God.
    The Lord that answered by fire turn it around for antwon joanna and two girls,bind every assignment of division,seperated,detrone every jezebel spirit assignment.

  21. Please pray for me. My name is Kimberly. I am 28 years old. I have big problems with Jealousy (a very bad case)and not trusting my fiance. I am unsure where the problem lies. The jealousy seems to control my life, other girls looking better than me,in public and on t.v. My jealousy is embarrasing. I always think my fiance is staring at other girls in a sexual way, I have always thought my boyfriends did that. I want to escape these feelings, this torment so bad. But I dont know how.I have tried for years.
    Jealousy ruint a previous marriage. It is so bad that I dont want my fiance to go anywhere there is pretty girls witout me, it is so bad that I want to not go in public with him because I dont want to see him look at other women.
    I know he is not like that, yet the jealousy takes over. The jealousy affects all my descisions, I wont even go bowling or go to the movies with him because I am afraid to see other women who I think have great qualities and want them. It goes even deeper than that, Jealousy is violent. I cant deal with it. The only arguments me and my fiance have is over JEALOUSY! It is uncomfortoble. It is bad. It is killing me! It is destroying my fiance..God help! I have been through alot in my life. I come from a non Christian home.
    I am a born again believer yet still have doubts. I really need alot of prayer. I want to trust and believe God 100% that if the word says it, then it is true! I want to believe that Gods promises are for me. Its like I cant make myself believe anything. And I always forget Gods love for me. I always forget all the good things he does for me.I am a mess. I am unhappy, not thankful as I want to be, not as loving as I want to be, not as caring as I want to be, not as obediant as i want to be. I live in shame and guilt and pitty because of my imperfections and falling short of what a Christian is supposed to be. I live in guilt and condemnation about my past. I believe everything everyone says about me and question myself. I seem to have lost all my identity and seem to not realize the loving person that I am on the inside. I am confused alot about what is going on around me. I am confused about what is the truth about things. I am confused and stressed about why is there all these bad things happening to me and why is there so much evil in this world. I wish to see the hand behind all the blessings in my life so that I know that it is him and that I can thank him personally. I pray all the time. I read my bible. I read books about God. Yet, I am still not at peace. I dont have much joy. I think about my problems alot. I really want out of this thinking mess that I am in and I cannot do it myself. I need to surrender my all to God and let him take complete control I guess. I need lots of prayer because I dont know what to do. I dont know where I am in my relationship with God. I need to believe God loves me. I need to believe my fiance loves me. I need to trust God. I need to trust my fiance. My whole life is a mess. I really need God to overtake me, pour his love on me and take me over! I can’t take this anymore. This is not living! This is not loving!! I need everything God has to offer! Also.. Love makes me nervous and reckless and sensative and I need help to open my heart to love!

  22. I would like prayer for my grandson who have a cronic kidney problem. HE NEED A MIRACLE. His name is Brian and he is 30 years old. I need prayer for myself and my name is Addie. I have had finanical problems since my husband left me . I want to recover everything he and his mistress have stolen from me.

  23. 1-may the lord in his perfect will make a reality i will have my coworker mailyn to become my wife in marriage.
    2-urgent god devine intervention in my workplace so the lord will not allow any company downsizing to occur begining this april 2011.
    3-may the lord heal my dad rafael legal blindness due to retinitis pigmentosa for over 20 years.
    4-may the lord heal aillen burkhardt from her advanced alzheimer and mr pamplanco uncurable cancer.
    5-may the lord solve neighbor dispute for not cutting trees with termites.
    6-may the lord heal my cousin rachel from severe artritis for over 40 years.

  24. my name is Dumi I would like prayer request for restotration of my relationship with my spouse, new job and Diploma in electrical Engineering.

  25. Hi my name is Elizabeth. Please pray that Luis will have an encounter with the lord today that will bring him to his knees in tears. May the holy spirit convict, touch and soften his heart wherever he is right now or doing. May an army of angels tug at his heart and mind every second of every day to make him see that hurting me was wrong. May God remove all evil attacks, curses, people and witchcraft that have turned him against me. Father, restore this relationship with your peace, love, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, and divine favor. Father, let him see that you are the only answer to his problems that you want to save him from himself. Thank you father, for my miracle. yours is the glory and honor. In jesus name amen.

  26. cant call in wont have access to phone please pray under attack need supernatural breakthrough in every area of my life also restoration of a friendship their was a misunderstanding friends name cee jay


    Please Keep Tammy Smith, Tyrone Smith,Vincent Smith and Kevin Dobbs In Prayer For Deliverance and salvation.
    Also True Worship Fellowship Int of Memphis Tn. and Me For Healing Of the Body and Spirit.

  28. Earlier, also I had asked you to pray for my husband as through prayer we came to know that he is under the spell of witchcrafts. We are attending prayer regularly in our church every Monday. Still, he is not relieved from it. Witchcraft has been done so that we don’t have marital bliss, he shouldn’t love his wife, children. He gets aggressive, and at times he goes under depression. When he is aggressive he spends a lot, beats me and children, speaks filthy and abusive language, fights with his colleagues and they give him memo for rash and rude behavior in office and then he gets depressed due to this and he doesn’t dress up properly, eat or even talk. This is all due to the witchcraft. We have a doubt it must be his first wife’s family who has done it and doesn’t want him to lead a happy life. Pls pray for my children and myself as we are the most affected, as I have never known husband’s love and my children father’s love.

  29. I KNOW THAT GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD, AND RIGHT NOW, I NEED A LITTLE HELP HERE WITH INTERCESSORY PRAYER FOR OUR DAUGHTER Porshy’a God said where two or three are gather in his name Jesus is in the mist, I need some prayer warriors right now to pray with me, I am praising God for you right now He didn’t send me to this site for nothing. God does not lie and he said that he would never leave us or forsake us. Porshy’a spiritual understanding and eyes needs to be open to the truth right now in Jesus Name, the devil has a tight grip on her, she thinks its ok to be homosexual (bisexual). I still say the devil is a LIE, and THIS IS NOT GOD’S PLAN FOR HER LIFE, PRAYER WARRIORS HELP ME INTERCEDE FOR OUR CHILD SHE is GOD CHILD and we raised her in the word of God. God Blessed your ministry

  30. Year after year I have fasted and prayed for my prodigal son Steven Luke now going into 10 years since he turned his back on God and the family.
    After one of his twin sons died of SIDS at age 7 months Steven has turned against us and it not because he didn’t get support or help from us all at the time. What I don’t understand is…God is the almighty God and nothing is too hard for Him but I just don’t seem to be able to get Him to help me.
    I have prayed every binding and loosing prayer with a pure heart for Steven all these years,pleading the Blood of Jesus over the family and I have still have been robbed of my son and grandsons for 9 years.
    How do I get God to help me….. I’m a Spirit Filled Christian raised in a Christian home my life is for God 24/7 and I’m struggling…..


  32. There a song that says “HE MAY NOT COME WHEN YOU CALL HIM BUT HE IS RIGHT ON TIME” I am gonna keep on believing that God is right on time, he said where two or three are gathered in his Name, he is in the mist. I am gonna keep on praying and believing that my prayers are already answered, My God is an Awesome God, and Jesus died for my sins, and my family sins, so I know that “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST OUR FAMILY SHALL PROSPER, AND I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER ALL OF OUR ENEMIES, AND HE WILL MAKE US THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL. HE MOVING MOUNTAINS OUT OF OUR WAY. GOD DOES NOT LIE. I know right now that our daughter Porshy’a is delivered from her sins and homosexually for she is GOD’S child. I know IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, THAT I AM TAKING BACK EVERYTHING THE devil has STOLEN FROM ME AND MY FAMILY RIGHT NOW, IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN. May Bless your ministry more and more

  33. Dear Brother,

    We are married for the past twenty years but still our life is not in peace and lovingness. on and off, my husband used to go in depression, and when he comes out of it, he goes to the other extreme by spending thriftly, abusive language, beating me and my children on flimsy matters, talking nonsense about everyone, he doesn’t even spare GOD, make our life hell either way.

    Me and my children have never seen happiness, we are pulling our lives somehow. for the past seven weeks i along with my husband are attending fasting individual prayer with our church pastor’s wife, while praying she found out that someone has done witchcraft very very long back on my husband that he shouldn’t live a happy and peaceful marital life. our children are also being affected, and the persons who have done the witchcraft are renewing it now and then.

    my husband has lost sleep, doesn’t talk with anyone, not able to work at his office. continuously we are praying but still God is not answering our prayers. why is not God answering my prayers?
    Pls pray that my husband comes out of this situation and starts praising the lord.

    best regards

  34. pray for my son brain morrissey im having problems with him at school taking things lieing disrespectful not listen to us parents.hes on medication but i dont no what else to do.his dad has a very nasty negtative attitude about everything.out of work .i get soical security but dont meet all the bills .i watch tbn and been praying that something good will come my way soon.brian dad name is miles keep him in prayer .im lois i know god hear me praying for help im trying to stay clam but its not easy .thanks for listen

  35. pray for me to get out of pressing debts. I joined the 70days prayers and fasting praying for the same and for two sons to be delivered from the bondage of alcoholism and turn their lifes to Jesus. I am still waiting for the answer I know God has answerd me. My sons have no jobs and the little money they get they go and drink. the young one is married with a daughter and because he can not feed his family the marriage in trouble the wife is nugging him around the clock. He has worked and not paid. please pray for me and them.

    Alice Msa

  36. Please explain your need in detail, so we may pray specifically and effectively for you.pray 4 god an jesus an the angels up in the sky heavens come down from heavens 2 come inside of my home as in ddeloreshzeamansas starangelsrosebuds an ps also goses 4 r 2 grown up adults r 2 kids as in r son cj as carl honeas an r baby girl angel as in latosha honeas an plus there dad karl honeas home 2 make the bad evil deviles saten 2 get him out take it the bad evil saten as in the deviles out of my home as 2 take the saten devil 2 evil bad place as in hell were he as the bad evil saten as the evil bad devil were the devil will never ever ever come back in my home place ever again an 2 take the evil bad evil bad drugs as in pot weed cocan melth poping pills as in the bad evil pills drugs as in get high an nailes as in the bad evil nailes drugs an ice an evil bad evil deases evil bad an evil bad evil drinking beer drinking beer partys an evil bad evil bad fights fights an bad evil bad evil words talking bad evil words an bad evil bad evil minds thinking real bad evil bad evil things doing bad evil bad things stuff an evil bad evil bad bodyes pain aces evil bad evil bad pain in the heartes an chestes an backes an armes an neckes an eyeses an teelthes an handes an leges an faces an feetes an heades an braines an evil bad evil paying big big monthly big heavy paying big billes each monthes each monthes goses by each monthes an even about being poor each monthlyes do u want 2 be in my love life as in my life 4 life 4 ever as a yes up 2 u an u must be real very rich lots of cash with very lots of real true love no lies no games u cant buy love come from the heart love is free i am not ant r not 4 sale no evil no drugs no fights no heavey big beer partys just wine must love 2 share half of your cash money not get upset r mad must be happy wear a smile an must do have an got the love 4 holy jesus christ an holy god an holy angels up in sky heavens an love the holy ghost an holy spriti an must love 2 have get in read the holy bibles as in king james versons holy bibles an do call me right away real fast soon now as it a yes that u want 2 be in my life an in my love life 4 life 4 ever my cell is 423 322 9731 end_of_the_skype_highlighting here is home address 219 south oak street apt 219 walker county city lafayette state ga zip 30728 in house athority project

  37. Might not be able to call in but please pray in agreement with me that my relationship with my boyfriend may be restored and that we may be guided to holy matrimony and have a blessed marriage based on love, care, trust, commitment, honesty, faithfulness and all added blessings. Pray with me that he may start to communicate with me more often and that we may have a happier relationship from this day forth. AMEN

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