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Pump The Junk Out 4 of 6 by Dr Stella – God’s Warrior Princess — 2 Comments

  1. Praise God. Please pray for me. I dreamt being called my name and whoever was calling me told me he has been sent by my friend Mary to remove both my eyes. I replied him and told him to go and tell her that I can’t give my eyes since I am a
    Secretary in their meeting and if he takes my eyes how will I write for them the minutes. A few minutes later I saw a snake coming from Mary’s house but it
    stopped on the way and afterwards it coiled itself and went back and told
    Mary I have refused with my eyes. After one week on top of my office ceiling I heard
    Mary’s voice talking to another lady telling her she is not happy with me and she
    will make sure I die. After 2 weeks a lady rang my mobile phone and told
    me “You have gone telling other ladies I am a witch and I will make sure you
    run mad” I asked her who is calling she said she is Mary. Please pray for me because Mary has called a meeting on Sunday because I told her exactly what I dreamt. As a believer I know the truth will set me free

  2. I really enjoy the word that god brings through you in your ministry! Dr. Stella, I thank God for you and I wish more pastors would deliver this word

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