In 2012 the Lord showed me in a vision of the night that something terrible was going to happen in the US to change the world as we know it. I will write details of that later. Recently after I gave the prophetic word for 2016 I have been asking the Lord what exactly was going to happen. Last night the Lord showed me in a vision of the night that there was a major disaster in the Land of America. There had been some kind of attack or something that released a thick whitish gray smoke all over the land. People were covered and it was so thick like a fog. You could not see people in it. But it was causing burning in the eyes and choking but it did not kill them at least not immediately. Just a lot if respiratory symptoms. We were in the middle place while on both sides the fog was thick. We were temporarily safe but we knew we it will eventually get to us. Saints it’s time for us to get our lives right with God and be rapture ready. I am not saying the rapture is eminent even though I have had several visions of the rapture in recent times. But Saint I feel strongly that something really crazy is about to take place. The safest place will be in Gods will. In total obedience. Get you life right. Get the gray areas and the little compromises out of your life. Go to the Lord and ask Him to examine your life and bring you in right standing. Get rid of the pride, unforgiveness, little sins. Pray and read the word like crazy. Pray that God will preserve your soul and keep you rupturable. Read the prophetic word and the cautions we need to take to survive this year.
May the angels of the Lord encamp around you and your family to deliver you in Jesus name.
Dr Stella Immanuel
Prophet of God.

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