HomeWhat Is Deliverance?
  • It is to close the doors opened to the enemy
  • It is to damage the works of Satan in your life
  • It is to undo heavy burdens
  • It is to break evil yokes
  • It is to possess one’s possession
  • It is to escape from every satanic prison
  • It is to capture back what the enemy has stolen
  • It is to be victorious in your dreams at all times
  • It is to serve quit notice on every infirmity
  • It is to kill every satanic embargo
  • It is to break every evil covenant
  • It is to destroy the chains of darkness
  • It is to break curses and spells
  • It is to hunt down and destroy destructive habits
  • It is to send back evil arrows to the senders
  • It is finding your place in the market square of life
  • It is the destruction of satanic dreams
  • It is release from the altars of affliction
  • It is release from witchcraft cages
  • It is correct positioning
  • It is to break the chain of poverty


What Is Deliverance? — 10 Comments

  1. My older son, deliverance from alcohol, my middle son, deliverance from body, soul and spirit-additions, sickness, mental etc. my daughter, mental, delusional. Nothing to hard for my GOD. I love my GOd so much and pray all the time. If you can help, I know God is working. thanks tina


  3. l want a deliverance. for almost 20years i had being asking
    for one thing a break through in life.

  4. My God shall deliver me from all evil works and He will preserve me for His Heavenly Kingdom to Him be the glory forever amen.

  5. Our child Porshy’a needs deliverance today Right Now In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ

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