Jesus Help !!! The Church Has Been Caged


For years America seemed to enjoy a good foundation of having been founded on biblical principles. Even though the founders had a lot of cultic links with Masons etc. the grace of God was upon this nation and we prospered both physically and spiritually. That grace came because scripture was in the foundation of our structure. Many laws in America are actually biblically based. America became an epitome of freedom and Godliness. When the devil tried to bring Satanism and demonic stuff in this country it was resisted. People fought for their right to worship God. That same freedom was turned around to bring in everything, good and evil. If we do not guard the Good we stand for it will always be at risk of perversion by the devil. When the devil could not bring down America by popular vote he went on a subtle plan to attack on all fronts. The attack was multifaceted to bring down all the systems of this nation, the legal system, school, family, medicine, media and fashion. This attack was spiritually stirred by a demonic revival.

Demonic Revival
America over recent years has become one of the most demonized nations in the world. Not only have we accepted it, we have legalized it. America has brought in witchcraft for diverse areas and made it a religion. Now witches have the same right to evangelize in prison as do pastors. America celebrates a day in the fall reserved for witchcraft and evil and even Christians dress their children like demons and send them out to get candy from all kinds of people thereby initiating them into the occult through food. There have been satanic fasting and prayer and spells in diverse places designed to put the church in slumber. So, while the American church has slept the enemy has taken over on various fronts. For the eighteen years I have lived in America I have never seen this level of demonization in Christians until now. I have never a seen a time in when things were so hard, people so oppressed and in the midst of that, the church so prayer less. Even for seasoned prayer warriors it’s a task to keep a healthy prayer life because of the territorial oppression. Most churches operate on one to two hours of prayer a week, having replaced prayer with entertainment. So, while the devil is singing ‘Rock – a- bye -baby’ to the slumbering church all the other fronts are demonically prospering. Saints, we have been caged!

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  1. This is a timely word.

    May we the church hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the church.

    God bless you!

  2. I do see it that the churches as caged they are in a satanic jail and prison. It is locked down with enemies from the inside they are holding high positions. With this those that are members are on a lock down majority of the churches in my community/town/state/region its their principles. I have observed how the pastors families are controlling the churches it blocks the others from doing anything that gate is right in front. Therefore, the members will never be able to move into any leadership positions, it is well controlled. The members comes to sit throughout every Sunday its a routine and years have gone by its the same agenda they follow. These pastors want repent nor confess of their sins with them my point of view on the caged perspective that I see how they are caged within. I do plan to purchase the book to read the entirety of it. I have gotten tired of seeing how the churches are not being utilized throughout the week or weeks for midnite praying instead it opens on a Wednesday routine bible study and the Sunday Service only. My pastor utilizes the church five days a week we have our deliverance nites last friday of the month at 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. There’s no deliverance ministries in this county so they can’t be loose from bondage. This is why and how our youths are not involved in anything. If lock ins are done for them to pray, worship and praise God we can gain our children back from the enemies hands. In my area they are fearfully to make it known what tactics satan is trying and how his power has to be demolished. I spoke on a church parking lot where my sister is a member of her pastor was wanting me to speak on donating food and he quenched up on what the Book of Ephesian states he wanted that time out of my hands before telling that group anything. I spoke to the pastor about praying for the needs of the ones that came to get food he stated I will pray after they get the food, I thought it would get prayed for before the distribution. The truth must be addressed to the churches God wants his people lives to be unchained, untied, powers to be cast down and etc., and it is counting on us, we must get these bands and tie downs off these churches in end time.