Jan 122011

Territorial Deliverance 1-11-2011 edit

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  1. Those of you who have been unable to physically join this prayer program because of one reason or the other, you have no idea what you are missing. This experience is different from that of being on the prayer line, it is intensified 1,000 plus fold. Dr Stella has welcomed all of us into her home freely. She is exhibiting true shepherd-ship and servanthood as a pastor. I am so impressed that I am thankful God allowed the situation to occur in my life that provoked me to seek the type of teachings that are being taught in Fire Power Ministries by Dr. Stella.

    Most churches don’t recognize when their members are in need and even when they do, they don’t freely give. If they give it has to be justified to several different ministry heads before it is given. The barriers of rules and regulations have to be bypassed first. The person on the receiving end is critiqued before they can receive. 

    Yesterday after Sunday service Dr. Stella showed me exactly how a shepherd is to be with those she/he have been chosen to lead. She gave directly from the money in the offing plate with no hesitation, to a family who needed some additional clothing to their wardrobe that would allow them to be compliant with the requirements of her ministry’s dress code. Her belief system says if I am going to tell you how to dress I am going to help you to be able to dress that way, so I give. 

    We are being educated on the requirements needed to be a truth Christian, (no I  did not misspell, I  meant truth, the Word of God is Truth and it is Light) who walks 100% adhering to the commandments and statutes of God. Using Jesus’s guidelines as displayed in the gospels and the entire New Testament while referencing the foundational teachings outlined in the Old Testament. 

    The presence and fire of God is in this place like I have never felt before. I came here with a medical condition that caused me to wear a brace on my right hand. From the time I stepped in the kitchen on the first day I arrived I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit…I am happy to testify that I have not put that brace on my hand in the entire time I have been here; I move my right hand without any pain, I have been healed without asking for healing….praise God! 

    As we go forward into this 100 day journey, I look forward with expectancy to see what else God will do, He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can think or ask.  For me this experience has already exceeded my expectations. Blessings to all who will see this, spread the word about this awesome ministry, the Anointing of God, the Fire of God and the Power of God is on this ministry. Dr. Stella is a power house for God, she has a wealth knowledge that she freely gives, I praise God for her obedience to the call of God that is on her life.

    If you are looking for a ministry to sew seed into, feel free to give to Fire Power Ministry, go donate now, buy some of the books as you seek more knowledge.  Seed planted here will produce good fruit and fruit that will remain because the foundation is solid and grounded in the Word of God.

    Pastor Ann

  2. many mths ago i opened up face book and the ,lord brought many,
    from that i pased them onto my wifes face book and as of her councelling many more came ,
    but now she has so many wanting to marry my wife , telling her to divorce me , wanting private comunications with her ,these are christian people ?because shes still in philoppines im in australia it been near 3 yrs just getting id and $ and visa docs ,it in final stages ,
    because of these chistians they have gotten into her private yahoo messenger, email, tex ing her phoneing her , and her heart doent know now ,shes total reliant on me sending $ for support but
    the temtation of wealthy people , etc is causing division, marriage break down , seperation,confusion, ,face book is like a dateing site .and can destroy your good intentions if allow personal contact on daily life, ive prayed about it ,what gets me is she says to them shes married and makes it known but use cunning emotional needing help so she chats and becomes part of there feeding of good counceling but led into personal knowledge .any one reading this agree to destroy the works of darkness .And to keep marriage a sacred gift of only the 2 one man one woman