Mar 032011


The Spirit of Excellence

Who are the Apostolic Women?

• The Apostolic women are sent ones on assignment to their generation, pioneers,

pacesetters, trailblazers, pathfinders, forerunners, initiators, builders and establishes. They not only initiate new things but have the ability to launch the church into it and carry her into her destiny.

• Pioneers – like Mary (the first woman to see Jesus and be commissioned by Him to

go to tell the good news) John 20:11-18

Like Lydia the enterprising and influential woman of Acts 16

Like Mary (the first human being to partner with God to incubate the saviour of the World,Matt 1:16)

• They penetrate into areas that other people will have difficulty getting into. They

invade new territories, open the gates of nations, and turn the world rightside up.

• They showcase the power of God to their generation like the apostles of the old

did. They live out their names – The Apostolic Women.

• They are praying women whose prayers shake the heavens and change situations

in their environment. They are strong prayer mobilizers- like Mary the mother of

John Mark who organized all night prayers meetings when men were unable to do

so (Acts 12). They are solution carriers, problem solvers.

•They are great teachers of the Word and they disciple great men and women of

God, competent to train even the greatest among men like Pricilla, the wife of

Aquila (Acts 18) did. They are knowledgeable and excel in every facet of life.

•The Apostolic Women as part of the church have a strong and apostolic grace to

restructure a disfigured and disabled church setting and to restore her glory, to

strengthen her structurally and to reinforce her for strength and resilence.

•They are great facilitators, resource providers, and catalysts. They facilitated the

work of the early apostles by generously giving to support kingdom projects,like

Sussana and her team (Luke 8:3)

•They are women of power, women of divine fire, who terrify the kingdom of

darkness with God’s power that works mightily in them. They are a formidable

force that cannot be stopped.

• Competent to hold any political or governmental office and represent the kingdom

of God well as the new testament approves (Rom. 13 & 1Tim 2)


In addition to pursuing the general objectives of MPN, the Apostolic Women shall have the following specific objectives.

• To aspire to live up to the exemplary and outstanding kingdom lifestyles of the

early apostolic women who were broken, bold, courageous and demonstrated the

power of God wherever they were.

• Train and disciple themselves and other women to understand God’s mandate

upon kingdom women and to be prayerfully released to fulfil it.

• Carriers of God’s presence and glory into the society to influence her and bring

about transformation, to change the course of the world.

• To tear the covering cast over women that has kept them veiled and to release the

seed of destiny within them to crush the head of the devil forever.

• To partner with the men to usher in the great harvest into the church.

• To stand in full apostolic authority and take their place in the home, market place,

government, schools, church and businesses assigned to them by God.

• To confront the powers of the enemy at work in the homes, church, society, to

deal with the wickedness in the nations and to shake the unshakeables.

• To kill the killers of Marriages and to release to women the keys to happy


• To stand against evil, compromise and hypocrisy in the church.

• To train to know divine times and the seasons and to sensitise the church to

operate in it.

• To network with other Christian bodies that have similar objectives as theirs and carry out more kingdom assignments as the Lord unveils His heartbeats for them