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Deliverance and Prayer BibleHere it is at last, The 1st. Prayer and Deliverance Bible published by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries with Notes by the General Overseer of M.F.M Dr. D.K. Olukoya. This Bible is a MUST have for all Christians, Christian workers, Ministers who are interested in the issue of Solution Evangelism, Prayer, Deliverance, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare.The Bible contains powerful messages on the Science of Prayer and Deliverance, over 4000 prayer points addressing various needs, Dictionary, Concordance and also contains the Words of Jesus in Red.It is a Giant-Print Edition, has GOLD GILDED Page edges and its Leather-Bound.

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Dr D. K. Olukoya’s Deliverance and Prayer Bible — 4 Comments

  1. thank you all for giving me so much knowledge to destroy the works of the enemy. May the Lord richly bless and keep you and give you more uncommon favor with Him and everyone that comes your way.
    Always in my prayers Ann

  2. i am a new christian and i got a book called power must change hands.wooow such an amazing book about the dominion of man on earth.we got the


  3. i apreciate God almighty 4 raisen a ministry like MFM at dis time especialy as nigerians ar going true alot of attacks frm various negative forces.my prayer is that God should sustain this ministry

  4. I wish i could be able to buy that book or among the books which written by Dr. D. Olukoya, but it seems impossible cos i don’t have visa card or way through internet whereby i can order it, not only that the country am living in Tanzania i think we don’t have much facility such internet banking whereby i can be able to use the opportunity of buying them books, how unfortunately but anyway i believe God will make a way for me oneday and i’ll get to have them.
    Be richly blessed, amen!!!

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