Oct 152010

Sustained Fire to Demolish Strongholds

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Prayer Line: Call # 712-432-0075 – Pin 835555#
11pm – 12.30am US CST.
12am – 1.30am US EST
9pm – 10.30pm US PST.

We started a prayer progamme called sustained fire in the ministry. We will be praying daily from 11pm central time to about 12.30am. Praying fervent, hot prayers continually and on a daily basis will dem Continue reading »

Oct 132010

Prayer Line:
Call # 712-432-0075
Pin 835555#
Thursdays 10pm- 12am
United States / Central


1. O Lord, forgive me for ever making myself an object to be pursued.

2. I command blindness to fall on every stubborn pursuer of my life, Continue reading »

Jul 032010

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Product Name Price
Dr Stella : Dealing with spirit wives & spirit husbands (incubus and succubus spirits) 7
Dr. Stella: Deliverance from Witchcraft 7
Dr Stella : Dealing with the strongman – part 1 7
Dr Stella : Dealing with the strongman II 7
Dr Stella : Healing Scriptures 7
Dr Stella : Worship a weapon of warfare 7
Dr Olukoya – Caged by the Wolves SU010209 7
Dr Olukoya : Financial Deliverance 7
Dr Olukoya : Gamblers at the Gate of Destiny 7
Dr Olukoya : O God Arise and Loose My Chains 7
Dr Olukoya : O God of the Suddenly Arise SU270108 7
Dr Olukoya : Open my eyes O Lord SU0712-2003 7
Dr Olukoya : Prophetic Curse Against Your Goliath SU150309 7
Dr Olukoya : Stars UnderAttack Wed2412-2003 7
Dr Olukoya : The Company You Keep SU010309. 7
Dr Olukoya : The Elephant and the Mouse SU310509 7
Dr Olukoya : The Mystery of Dream Polution SU130108 7
Dr Olukoya : The Power of Divine Interruption SU100509. 7
Dr Olukoya : The Show-down at Mount Carmel SU150209 7
Dr Olukoya : Those That Oppose Themselves SU060108.mp3 7
Dr Olukoya : WarAgainst Capacity Blockers SU120409. 7
Dr Olukoya : When God Departs SU100208 7
Dr Olukoya : When the Enemy Flees SU080309 7
Dr Olukoya :O God Arise and Change the Rules for My Sake SU050409 7
Dr Olukoya:Gamblers at the Gate of Destiny 7
Dr. D.K. Olukoya – When your marriage needs deliverance 7
Dr. D.K. Olukoya: The Coven Prisoner 7
Rev Mosy Madugba : If I Perish I Perish 7
Rev Mosy Madugba : Like in The Days Of Elijah 7
Rev Mosy Madugba : Supernatural Reinforcement For Greater Impact 7
Jun 302010

Prayer Line:
Call # 712-432-0075
Pin 835555#
Thursdays 10pm- 12am US CST
Prayer Points for 7/1/10

Power against familiar spirits
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Life is a battle. Even if you are not ready to fight, the devil will not spare you. He remains a restless fighter and a stubborn destroyer. Continue reading »