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The battle against your future.
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1.  Any eye that is watching your star to bring it down, command that such eyes be destroyed by the arrows of fire in the mighty name of Jesus.
2.  Let every satanic conspiracy against your destiny be broken by fire in the mighy name of Jesus.
3.  Command that every Ahitophel counsel given against your life be turned to foolishness in the name of Jesus.
4.  Command that every satanic power ordained and mobilized to cast you down  be roasted by the fire of God in the name of  Jesus  Christ.
5.   Decree and declare that your star will surely locate you, even as the star of Jesus located Him.
6.   Decree that the wisemen sent on your behalf will surely locate you in Jesus name.
7.   Decree and declare that as the wisemen locates you, they will come with precious gifts.
Ex. 15:9 –
8.   Any power released from the satanic kingdom or from any coven to pursue you, even in the dream, command to fall and die in Jesus name.
9.   Any dog, masquerade, snake , hynia ( any animal at all) ordained or commissioned to pursue  and overtake you, ask that the thunder fire of God destroy them without mercy in the mighty name of Jesus.
10.  Decree and declare that you shall live and not die to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
11.  Ask the Lord to build a wall of fire round about you and your family against every satanic intruder according to His word in Zechariah 2:5.
12.  Command every hand that has been ordained and given a weapon ( knife, gun, poison, etc) to take your life be destroyed by the fire of God. Command those hands to wither and fall forever in the mighy name of Jesus.
13.  Any grave that has been dug for your life, command to begin to swallow those that dug it. The bible says he that digs a pit shall fall into it.
14.   Come against every monitoring device of the enemy ( crystal balls, ouji boards, mirrors etc) set up against your life or family be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus mighty name.
Jn. 11: 38 – 41 –
15.  Come against every limitations in your life, command them to be broken in Jesus name.
16.  Command every grave yard clot ( spiritual heaviness, confusion, depression, pride etc) released againt your life to be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus Christ.
17.  The cry of Mary and Martha was turned to joy by our Savior Jesus Christ. Decree that every cry of agony you have ever cried be turned to joy in the name of Jesus Christ.
18.   O God any destiny destroyer released against my life, sommersault and die in Jesus name.
19.   Command every circle of frustration existing in your life to be broken in Jesus name.
20.   Every power released to put you to shame , be roasted by the fire of God in Jesus name.
21.   Command every serpentine tongue ordained against your life be cut into pieces in Jesus name.

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  1. I came to work in the morning almost running on an empty and prophetic voice had this on her Face book mood. It blessed me to come and prayerfully read. I am rising… God bless!

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  3. Praise the lord sister an good morning i really need prayer i ask for healing in my mind an heart that god feel me with his love an power to live totally an complete for him pure heart an mind that god can use me,the lord bless me to come here an i thank him for your page i don’t have anything to ask for but my life line up with his will an purpose for my life i made a lot of mistakes an i truly want to be right if no one else do in my house thank you Evanglist so much. Sherri