Sep 292011

We are on Night Twenty Two


Prayer Line: Call # 712-432-0075 – Pin 835555# Everyday. 11pm – 12.30am US Central Time. Apart from doing the 70 day prayer and fasting program. We are doing 40 nights with God on our prayer line. Fasting is from morning till 3pm with no food, no water. Please contact you doctor before starting a fasting program. This program goes from before you were born and cleans your foundation. Is reaches into your past to break ties with people, place and things that have held your moving forward. Please order you copy, join us or start a program in your church.

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See the daily topics for all forty nights.40 Nights With God

Night 1 The Courtship of My Parents

Night 2 The Wedding Of My Parents

Night 3 The Day of My Conception

Night 4 Period of Pregnancy

Night 5 The Day I was born

Night 6 Challenge Your Name By Fire

Night 7 Freedom from the powers of my Father’s House

Night 8 Victory Over The Wicked Night

9 War Against Household Wickedness

Night 10 Home Town Captivity Night

11 Towns I Visited In The Past

Night 12 Victory Over Cross Road Altars

Night 13 Dealing with Members of My Body Night

14 Coming Out of Old Friends Captivity Night

15 My Past Dreams Night

16 Deliver Me From Evil Night

17 Deliverance For My Destiny Night

18 Dominion Over The Earth Night

19 Landmark Deliverance Night

20 Disgracing Satanic Decisions

Night 21 Deliverance For The Day

Night 22 Power of Yes and No

Night 23 Power of Sight and Sound

Night 24 Ancient of Days Come To My Rescue

Night 25 Secret of My Profession

Night 26 Son of David Have Mercy On Me

Night 27 Anointing For Sound Decision

Night 28 I Declare My Mission

Night 29 In His Name, By His Blood

Night 30 Great Arm Of The Lord

Night 31 Power of The Highest, Come Upon Me

Night 32 I Reject, I Renounce, I Receive, I Proclaim

Night 33 Possessing Divine Opportunities

Night 34 Possessing Divine Blessings

Night 35 Provoking Angelic Assistance

Night 36 Heaven Over Me

Night 37 My Labor and My Harvest

Night 38 Rearrange My Thinking Pattern

Night 39 Rearrange My Present Situation

Night 40 Planting Good Seeds