Jan 312011

Isaiah 54:15 Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.
Whenever you trust God completely he has to come through for you. Trusting is an active word here. That means you believe what he says and work as is it’s done. We trust everyday that if we sit on a chair in the restaurant it’s not going to break even if it’s our first time in that city and we are the only ones in the restaurant. We trust everyday that if we open a bottle of soda and drink, it will be soda in it even though we don’t know who bottled it.

Much of our problems comes from a false sense of what our Christian walk is about. A lot of us came to the Lord because we wanted something. Someone told us that come to Jesus and you will be happy, you will be blessed, you will be loved. Come to our church because we have a gym, we have child care, we will love you and take care of you. We have a van to come pick you up. Come to church because Jesus loves you. And with a false doctrine and when the devil strikes we tell them God gave them cancer and trials to teach them a lesson. Yes Jesus loves you but that is not why we come to God. We come to Jesus because we were miserable sinners, standing under judgment, destined for hell and needing the saving grace of the Lord badly. We come because we are doomed without the cross. If you get saved because you realized the need of a savior, you stay saved. If you get saved because you want to be blessed you may get disappointed pretty early because that is when your life may get crazier.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous.

When you leave Egypt there is a season of dryness sometimes when you are going to have to trust God. But if your reason was because the milk and honey in Canaan is more than that in Egypt then you will start murmuring very quickly because you did not see any milk and honey in the wilderness. But if you left Egypt because you wanted to worship God then you will endure the wilderness and surely make it to the promise land.

I had a lady that started attending our meetings and wanted God to bless her financially. She had a lot of bondage. But within a week or two she will call me over and over and say God has not blessed her. She needed a car, a house, some new clothes and she knows now that she was praying God needs to answer her. She looked at me and expected me to do those things for her. One day troubled in my spirit I sat them down and told them they have to settle it with God like the three Hebrew boys.

This lady came back a year latter to introduce her husband to me. She had a job, a car an a very hansome husband. God had come through for her after her deliverance.

Lets learn to trust God and lean not on our own understanding. What ever you are going through, as you pray and clean, your life. Trust him that he is bringing it to pass in Jesus name.
Excerpts from my book. I trust God as my commander in chief.